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The Start of NEIO

NEIO was founded in 2008 by Wayne, a senior IT Corporate Manager with fifteen years of experience at a San Francisco based structural engineering firm. Wayne almost lost his life to a drunk driver in an auto accident in 2002. During the four years that it took him to physically recover, Wayne realized how privileged he was able to regain his life and opportunities to chart the future, and felt deeply the desire to reach out to those who were hampered by any limitation to do so.

An opportunity to help arrived when he learned from a friend that the only school at the Nakote Village in Nepal had been destroyed in a landslide, and the attending students from surrounding villages had to continue classes in a make-shift tent outdoor that posed safety hazards. Inspired by the lack of resources he witnessed amongst the villagers and children during a personal visit to the village, Wayne started recruiting volunteers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hong Kong, China and Nepal, and the efforts grew into a non-profit organization with the mission to provide educational facilities to children in geographically disadvantageous regions.

Who We Are

NEIO is a charitable organization founded by a group of volunteers who work to facilitate the possibility of modern education by building schools for children in geographically disadvantaged regions. NEIO serves to bridge the educational needs of these children with the help of volunteers and donors who believe in the essential power of education to break socioeconomic poverty.

What We Do

NEIO intends to effect positive impacts in the lives of children living in impoverished regions by providing educational support. It is our hope that through the access to basic educational training, these children are able to invest the tender years of their lives developing intellectual curiosity to better equip themselves to gradually break the cycle of socioeconomic poverty. In addition to providing school facilities and to inspire the children with a long-term educational interest, we have set up a Volunteer Program to facilitate cultural exchanges between the children/rural communities and passionate individuals who want to be part of the collective effort of a charitable cause.

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