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"It's not about how much we do, but with how much love we do it." - Mother Teresa

Stories of Children from the Nakote Village School

Dil Maya Lama

Ms. Dil Maya Lama (age 11) a fifth grade student of the Nakote School comes from a nearby village, Dhana. Dhana is about 2 km (1.25 miles) from Nakote and it takes a trained hill-walker like Dil Maya about 1.5 hours to reach the school, by crossing several streams and narrow trails through the woods. She has no option but to walk 3 hours daily to and from her house to attend school.

Dil Maya's village consists of only 10 households whose primary occupation is farming. She is a responsible young girl who wakes up early every morning to help her grandmother with household chores, like kindling the fire, preparing breakfast and working in the cattle shed. Her determination with her studies is admirable because in-spite of her household responsibilities, she always makes it on time for the school assembly.

She also takes on the responsibility of making sure that the younger students from her village (or close to her village) all walk back together at the end of the day. As soon as she gets home, she changes out of her school uniform and completes more household chores before starting work on her homework assignments.

She is a determined young girl who never loses the smile on her face. She is a very eager student who does not lose hope and heart in face of the difficulties she has to go through in order to get an education. Dil Maya is not the only one that works hard for her education; a lot of her friends from her village and neighboring villages share her story. She is a diligent, hard-working child who undeniably deserves a good education. Not only does she know how to weather a hard monsoon and a cold winter, her determination shows that she also understands the importance of being educated.

Nima Dorje Lama

Nima Dorje Lama is part of the first generation in his family to get a modern education because of the Nakote Village School. He is a bright 12 year old student of the 5th grade that is liked by all the teachers in the school for his good manner and friendly poise. He has two brothers and sisters who have studied or are studying at the Nakote Village School. One of his elder brothers was forced to end his education after the primary level since there is no secondary school in the village, and his parents could not afford to send him to another secondary school due to their economic conditions.

Nima is also the son of the current chairman of the school, My Lhakpa Tsering, who was inspired to give back to his community due to his children's education. Nima is a good student and equally good at helping his family with household chores like bringing water from the watermill, attending to the family vegetable fields and cattle.

Tenzing Lama

It is an age-old tradition in Buddhist communities like that of Nakote in Nepal that the eldest son of a Buddhist priest (Head Lama of the village) must continue their traditional duties and practices. The tradition involves performing ceremonies that occur in the village. Tenzing Lama (13 years) is the eldest son of the priest of the Nakote Village and currently attends the Nakote Village School in Grade 4.

Since he is expected to take over serving in the monastery as a priest, he has to spend months in meditation and attend religious ceremonies for practice. However, unlike in the case of past generations he is spending less time on the traditional religious practices so that he can gain a modern education as well. His family and the other members of the village are very supportive of this since they realize that this will lead to much wider prospects for the village in the future. Having the opportunity to receive a modern education in their village is the key in helping the next generation of Nakote to improve their quality of living.

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