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Andrew’s visit to Nakote

Wayne’s friend Andrew Fung visited Nakote for a few days from October 16 to October 19.

Below is a short writeup in his words on his experience there:

It was certainly a very interesting and eye opening experience to have visited the village of Nakote.  I was really surprised to learn that the kids had waited patiently for us to arrive in the village for more than an hour.  When we finally got to the village, they were all dressed in their school uniforms and gave us a warm welcome.  I was touched by their sincerity and warmth.

I guess the boys were shy to give flowers to the girls that came with our group and I ended up receiving most of the flowers.  Then we went to see the site of the old school building which was right next to the site of the new proposed building.  When I walked into one of the old classroom in the old school building, I was shocked to see how few basic materials were there for their education.  I understand that there is a computer class for the students but the school actually lacks a computer.  After seeing all of this, I began to understand how fortunate many students are in the US and other places where they can learn in a better environment.

The next day, we had a chance to play some group games with the kids.  Even though it was not a school day, the kids waited patiently for us.  We played several games with them and it made me realize how genuine these kids are;  They had no false intentions.  I even joined in and played with them in some of the group games.  I never felt happier in my life and it started to make me to want to be a kid all over again.  They were so cheerful and playful.  I wish I could stay there with them for a longer time.  However, the harsh reality hit me and I had to head back to Kathmandu and then start my journey back to the United States.

These kids gave me a lasting impression that I will never forget.  I hope that when I go back I can see some improvements in their learning environment and hopefully take some small part in contributing to some of the improvements.  I do believe that education is the key to a brighter future and I hope that many of these kids will get to see a brighter future not only for their small village but for their country.