Strategic partnership with Facebook Greater China Region

NEIO is very proud and excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking website! Facebook was founded in 2004 by CEO Mark Zuckerberg with the mission “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” It provides a platform for people to stay connected with friends and […]

New Beginnings- Singhadevi Temporary Learning Centre goes live!

Hi all, We have some great news to share. Singhadevi Temporary Learning Centre (TLC) has begun operating this month. Big round of applause to Shreekrishna Shrestha, his villagers and Chiring Lama, our NEIO Field Manager who made this possible. 37 students are attending this school with more expected after the monsoon season. There are five […]

Update on Nurbuling Village

Sharing pictures that were taken in Nurbuling and Shyugenche village on 5/10/15. Chiring Lama (our local champion) and Sameer Bajracharya (engineer) went to Nurbuling and assessed the Nurbuling school and got back some pictures for us. The description of the pictures are in the order they appear. 1. Shyugenche village, close to Nurbuling School. The […]