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International AMI Primary Assistant Certification

Samphel Tamang, teacher of Shree Nurbuling Manichaur Secondary School shared his recent learning experience in India.

NEIO: You have recently taken a course in India, could you please share with us?

SAM: With the generous sponsorship of Ms. Paula Nightingale, I was able to attend the International AMI (Assistant Montessori Internationale) Primary Assistant Certification class in India. It was a 10-day introductory course to Montessori Pedagogy and Practice.

NEIO: What was the structure of the course?
SAM: The course began on 22 Jan 18 and concluded on 2 Feb 18. There were 12 of us, each day we had to complete lectures, discussions, prepare educational materials, and learn how to make scientific observations of children. Our training involved not only the practical level of being a teacher but also learning about child psychology and how it affects their behavior. It was challenging, intensive, and required a lot of patience.

NEIO: What is Montessori Education?

SAM: Montessori education is based on the Philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. It is completely different from the traditional way of teaching, it is a child-centered approach where one must aim for practical learning rather than aiming for good grades. Montessori philosophy is totally based on learning through activities and the teacher’s role is to connect children to their activities so that learning could happen. There is no particular set of the teaching curriculum.

NEIO: How would you like to apply the learning to your day to day teaching jobs?
SAM: Unfortunately applying the Montessori method at Nurbuling School is not possible at this stage due to limited resources and the current school environment. But having to understand child psychology, my attitude and behavior towards students have changed. I have learned to deal with them according to their capacity and interest rather than just stuffing them with a lot of assignments and homework. It has helped me in my daily teaching and I feel like a completely new person after this.

NEIO: What was the most memorable learning from this course?

SAM: Our trainer said “Education is aid to life” it has very much stuck in my head, it acts as a constant reminder of how important a teacher’s role is in a child development.