Student Sponsorship

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How Sponsorship Works

• Early Learning and Development – Improve the well-being of orphaned and underprivileged children and youth

• Basic Education – Provide primary & secondary education to all students and protect children from exploitation through education and awareness training

• School Health and Nutrition – Offer care and support service and promote nutritional awareness to increase their learning capability

• School Facilities – Establish a safe, stable, and consistent environment where learning can take place

How Sponsorship Helps

• Your sponsorship helps provide Nepalese children through successful completion of secondary schooling with the intention to improve their way of life, health conditions, and potential for a brighter future.

• Your generosity helps to empower children with knowledge and awareness that could protect them from dangers such as human trafficking, slavery, and exploitations which are common in the region.

Cost of Sponsorship

Sponsorship starts at US$30 a month – less than US$1 a day. You will help change the lives of children in the Himalayan regions of Nepal.

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