Nepal Schools / COVID-19 Impact

On April 26, the Government of Nepal announced a lockdown of Kathmandu as a public health measure to help slow the spread of COVID-19. All lockdown restrictions will go into effect at 0600 hours on April 29 and will remain in place until May 14, 2021. 

US Embassy in Nepal Updates, accessed 3 May 2021, <>.

Last Updated: May 3, 2021

As we all know Nepal is a developing country. It is difficult to choose alternative ways to teach the students like virtual classes via internet due to the lack of internet facility and its users. In some cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, schools have started virtual classes as they have internet access. But it is difficult to run virtual classes in schools of rural areas like Nurbuling. So, students of rural areas are totally on dark shadow of education since 5 months. We distributed new session books to some students one month ago. Some students said they are even unaware of the thing that in which standard they are studying. This is the real situation of the students.

from Nirmal Karki, the science teacher at Nurbuling

Nepal Schools / COVID-19 Impact
For many children, COVID-19 school closures will not only be a setback, but an end: an end to reading, an end to learning, and an end to the dream of changing not only their lives but those of generations to come.

Nepali Community celebrated Diwali as a welcome relief for these hard times.

Nurbuling Boarding School is CLOSED
Saptakanya Day School is CLOSED

Nurbuling School Update
• 90 students have returned to school as of November 18, 2020.
• This is about 60% of former school population.
• Some parents are reluctant to send children to school and school has determined that the younger children (ages 4-7) should not return at this time as they may not fully comply with health precautions.
• Nurbuling also has 14 total teachers and two maintenance helpers.
• NEIO supported the two maintenance helpers during school closure.
• School was closed from April through November. Student sponsorship program was therefore closed down for 2 months. This may harm all students matriculation.

Nurbuling Student Sponsorship
• Our sponsorship program maintains its goal of 15 students.
• This year one student was added and one student graduated.
• The graduate is now working as an assistant project manager in Kathmandu working with NEIO Nepal President.
• As a new student sponsorship effort we are raising funds to sponsor a girl to Nursing school in Kathmandu.

Nurbuling Teacher Sponsorship
• Science and English Teachers back at Nurbuling School after being out since April. We are continuing to support our two teachers from November to April.

Saptakanya Teacher Sponsorship
• This school has not been in session all year.

Sanitation and Water
• NEIO has provided Sanitation Supplies to Nurbuling Boarding School. Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Wipes, Towels for the duration of the school year.

Technology Lab Nurbuling
• Projector has broken and is used often in kitchen café for school assembly educational opportunities.
• We are looking for projector replacement and for laptops.
• We are making plans to improve school library and will engage graduated students to help us with strategy.

Technology Labs Other Locations
• Our annual donation of laptops and school supplies to several other schools was placed on hold this year due to travel restrictions.

Other Discussions
• We are asking for general donations, donations towards our nursing students, sponsorship programs, sanitation program.