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Joint Birthday Benefit Party

A special thank you goes out to Bic Chiem, Cindy Ho, and Betty Lem for organizing this fun event.

BIG THANKS to our Sponsors and Donors: Dr. Bic Chiem, D.D.S, Jimmy Hsu from Blue Danube and Gloria from Priority Express Cleaners for their donations.

We were able to raise $575.

Our prizes winners:
neio items used:
1 gift certificate to Blue Danube – Good for food and beverages ($40 value); Winner: Simon Lai
1 gift certificate to Priority Express Cleaners, dry cleaner ($50 value); Winner: Iris
1 nepali scarf; Winner: Kevin O’Keefe

Cup of Change items used:
1 gift certificate to 455 Boxing Gym for 6 classes ($120); Winner: Benoit Dion
1 gift certificate for a complimentary hair cut at Pur Beauty Haight Salon ($40-$60 value); Winner: Lanisa Wang
1 nepali scarf; Winner: Tinman Lai

Sugar Cafe (free bottle service); Winner: Christopher Le

Our Fine Volunteers!

Chaska and Wayne

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