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NEIO Fundraiser Mixture – April 30, 2011

A special thank you to Khoi Nguyen, neio volunteer, for organizing this event.

Thank you so much for coming out on Saturday to support us. It was wonderful to see everyone and hope to see more of you at our future events. Keep your calendar clear for August 13, 2011, as our wonderful NEIO board member, Elley Ho, will be hosting an art show in South Bay.

From this event we have managed to raise $1504.00 due to your generous contributions. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your endless support and energy.

A special thank you to all of our volunteers: Vicky, Tinman, Kiki, Emily, Peet, Joyce, Will and the friends of the volunteers who joined in to lend a helping hand as well. And last but certainly not least, Tin Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant for the amazing job they have done. Please feel free to drop me a line sometime and we will stop by at Tin for a bite.

A special thank you to Tin Restaurant and Son Pham for their  generously donated of their time and space.

Door prize: Tin Restaurant (dinner for two)
Winner: Clinton Jang

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