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Thank you, DFAC!

We would like to extend a warm thank you all those who came out to support NEIO at the March 22nd Drink for a Cause event.  A special thanks to the organizers of Drink for a Cause for hosting NEIO this month!  It was a huge turnout!  We raised a total of $3,675 from door donations and bar proceeds which nearly tripled our first Drink for a Cause event back in September 2009.  The funds raised will benefit the children and their education in the Nurbuling Village of Nepal.

Upon completion of classroom constructions, a sanitation and biogas project within Nurbuling School is currently under way to provide these school children with more hygienic facilities such as toilets, hand wash stations, and showers.  Thanks to all guests, volunteers, and organizers at this month’s Drink for a Cause event for NEIO, the children of Nurbuling Village can benefit from these sustainable, environmental-friendly resources which will improve their health conditions for learning.