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Winter team in Nepal

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The winter team of Winnie, Ron, and Chiring is currently in remote regions of Nepal on an Educational and Cultural Exchange.

We interacted with many people – school administrators, faculty, staff, and students – asked questions, and are now synthesizing what we discovered.

We visited 3 regions:
1. Helambu (6 hr northeast of Kathmandu (KTM))
2. Singhadevi (4 hr north of KTM)
3. Phalewas (10 hr west of KTM)

These visits encompassed 6 rural schools, all at various developmental stages. It was quite instructive comparing and contrasting their unique problems and goals.

Our specific aims were:
To gather up-to-date information on educational needs in the region, including immediate priorities and long-term goals.
To visit schools with differing community and governmental support in order to gain a comparative view on resources and resulting achievements.
To gain insights on particular educationally successful programs and services currently in place.
To share and exchange educational approaches with local educators and administrators.
To expose children to English-speaking volunteers.
To provide medical and/or school supplies where needed.
To assess the progress of on-going NEIO-sponsored projects.