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Visit to Phalewas School

Note: This post is about a visit to Phokara that took place last year.

During their visit to Pokhara, some of the volunteers met up with a friend and the school district chairperson Bhola and took a taxi to the village. They stayed the night and toured the school, library, and medical center during the day. They found out that this school also houses a popular FM radio station that can be a great avenue for an English speaking volunteer to use to broadcast information.


Phalewas 2-001

The secondary school pictured above is quite remarkable. At the time our volunteers visited, they were hoping to expand the science and math sections of the school. In particular, they were encouraging girls to pursue careers in these fields. Our volunteers held a meeting with all faculty who emphasized their desire to improve the teaching there to compete with schools in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Way to go Pokhara. We wish you the best!