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Update on Nurbuling School

The following pictures were taken on 4/28/15 (Nepal time). The kitchen has collapsed, but the rest of the school remains standing with no visible structural damage. For that, we would like to thank the engineer, Arna Raj Silwal, who helped us with the construction of the Nakote and Nurbuling schools. Without the help and dedication from him, his staff, Chiring (our local champion), and local villagers, the schools would have been destroyed or severely damaged. Read more @

On May 5th, we sent $1000 to our local staff member, Chiring Lama, to purchase food and $150 to rent a truck to deliver the food to Nurbuling school. The food will be distributed to the 4 teachers and 40 children who currently live at the school. However, we expect our other teachers and students to arrive soon, increasing food needs. Students living with families in the community have improvised huts from wood and CGI sheets collected from the destroyed houses.

We are committed to providing food to the students at Nurbuling school for at least the following 3 months. Food will be delivered at the beginning of every month.

Chiring has also been meeting with engineers to assess the damages to the school building and plan for necessary repairs and reconstruction.

Nurbuling 042815 - Kitchen02 (1) Nurbuling 042815 - Kitchen03 Nurbuling 042815 - Kitchen04 Nurbuling 042815 - Kitchen05 Nurbuling 042815 Temporary Kitchen Nurbuling 042815 Toilet and School01 Nurbuling 042815 Toilet and School02