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Update from Nakote school and community

We have not heard directly from Nakote school. Community members in the vicinity have said that all the roadways are blocked, and there have been conflicting reports on the extent of damage to the school buildings. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Nakote community.

We would like to thank our engineer, Arna Raj Silwal, who helped us bring forth the school engineering concepts to the Helambu region. We thank the dedication and hard work of Arna, his staff, Jimmy (our local champion), and the Nakote people. If anyone has updates regarding Nakote school, please inform us.

See more on Nakote school projects on our blog and below are some highlight project links. All pictures were taken in 2008 and 2010.

Nakote school 2010Nakote school 2010Dec 2010Arna Raj Silwal sharing the new construction design with Nakote villagers.

School completed:
Hygienic toilets:
Water tank and running water:
Library project:
Hygienic training:
School 1st floor: