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The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a traditional annual event in the United States starting from 1621. It is a day for people to give thanks to the good things they have and join together to build something bigger than themselves.

A few weeks before this important day, Expedia Inc HK offered to arrange a fundraising lunch for us at their office. Staff were encouraged to prepare food and their cash donation to us were matched 100% by Expedia.

On the actual day, Abhiram Chowdhry, Managing Director of started by giving an inspirational speech about poverty in his hometown, India, followed by Elaine Chan (President of NEIO HK) sharing her own experiences in Nepal and introducing NEIO. A short video was then played to show the condition of schools after the earthquake last year and what we had done so far to help.

The event was well attended, we had over 10 different homemade dishes, a variety of desserts and even 2 big turkeys sponsored by Expedia’s hotel partner! It ended over good conversations and people feeling happily sated.

We were very grateful to everyone who joined and helped organising for the day. Your contributions and generous donations will make a big difference to the children in Nepal.