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Nepal Trip-Fall 2013

A group of NEIO volunteers will be taking a field trip together this coming fall to visit the village sites of  Nakote and Nurbuling in Nepal. We have eight volunteers coming from different parts of the world: U.S, China, Singapore, and Mexico. Everyone will meet up in the capital city of Kathmandu and travel half way by Jeep and another half of the way way by foot to get to the village of Nakote and then Nurbuling. This trip will span a total of two weeks period from 9/16-9/27.

Our main agenda is to complete a set of tasks while we are in both villages.

1) Re-visit the schools, libraries, English teaching, and toilet projects.
2) Nurbuling orphanage/hostel project – We plan to purchase 5 bunk beds.
3) Lesson projects – music and creative art work
4) Buffalo project – Milk the cow to produce fresh drinking milk daily. The goal is to improve overall nutritional status among the kids.
5) Videography – Capture school kids activities.
6) Sponsorship project
7) Cloud project – computer/internet technology advancement

Your help would be very much appreciated!!!  Please click on the link below and contribute to good cause.  Every little bit counts!!

NEIO wants to thank our generous volunteers for taking their personal time away from work and family. They will be paying their own way to Nepal. Therefore 100% of your contributions will go directly to the children of Nepal.

These volunteers include: Wayne Cheung, Melodie Tsai, Lisa Wang, Alana Koch, Antonio, Ray Kung, Niana Liu, Carol Hsu.