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Sanitation and Biogas Project update

Hi NEIO Supporters,

Thanks for showing your interest and support in NEIO! I just want to share and provide updates on the current progress in the “Sanitation and Biogas Project”.

Do you know the fact that NEIO is the very first non-profit organization to come up with the innovative  idea of building a sanitation facility in the region of Hemlabu? YES!! Our very first sanitation project was completed in the school of Nakote near 3 years ago in 2010, which included 1000 liter water tank and eco-friendly toilets.

One of NEIO’s primary goals for 2013 is to complete a different  sanitation and biogas project and to purchase 2 buffaloes in the school of Nurbling. This is another new concept that NEIO brought on to the region of Hemlabu. The project consists of a sustainable toilet system equipped with showers and hand washing sink for school boys and girls. The waste products then transport to the dome and is properly disposed via “biogas” technology system. It further utilize Methane gas as fuel for cooking. The “biogas” technology system work on balancing the carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen from the waste products. It then recycles the waste products as manure.

So what’s going on currently with our sanitation project?  The purpose for the sanitation project is to properly introduce school age children in Nurbling to utilize to a clean facility and practice personal hygiene in order to promote public health in the area. Reusable energy also benefits the school kitchen by utilizing Methane gas for cooking. The other component of the project includes building a shack and purchase two buffaloes to produce fresh milk as a steady source of dairy  for the school children on a daily basis.

The construction of sanitation facility is nearly completed. School kids in Nurbling will soon to have up-to-date sanitation facility. Thus, NEIO has moved on to the “Phase 2” of its mission, that is to create a sustainable learning and living environment after school constructions are finished. For this September and beyond, we have quite a few more exciting projects such as English teaching, orphan sponsorship, bunk beds for the hostel, and bringing Internet to schools.

Thanks for your interests and I look forward to sharing more within during and after our field trip on our blog or via Facebook’s NEIO page.

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